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Wedding Handbook

Taylor United Methodist Church
Wedding Handbook
Taylor United Methodist Church
P. O. Box 45
Taylor, Mississippi 38673
Please send questions, requests for reservations, etc., to
The provisions of this booklet are effective as of March 2009
Latest update: January 2012

Message to the Bride and Groom
Congratulations from Taylor United Methodist Church on your upcoming marriage! A wedding is one of the happiest and holiest moments in life. As you join your lives to establish a Christian home, our church rejoices with you and is eager to provide a setting that upholds the joy and sanctity characterizing the ceremony of Christian marriage. The church staff and the members of Taylor UM Church are willing to do all they can to make your wedding an event worthy of the significant and sacred commitment you bring to marriage.
This booklet has been prepared to assist you in the preparation of your wedding. It explains fully Taylor’s wedding policies, and is designed to enable you to experience as little confusion as possible in planning the wedding service. Please read it carefully.
A member of Taylor United Methodist Church will assume the responsibility of serving as a representative of the church and a point of contact for you. If you have questions not answered in this material, please do not hesitate to contact our pastor or the designated church representative.

Scheduling Use of Facilities
Reservations for use of the church facilities for the rehearsal, wedding, and reception, if desired, should be made through the Administrative Office with the approval of the pastor and Administrative Board. Non-members are required to complete the Use of Facilities request. A deposit must be made to reserve the desired date. (Please see the Fees section below.)
Weddings and rehearsals will not be scheduled for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Holy Week (the week before Easter), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
The wedding date of a non-member will be secure for a period of six weeks prior to the wedding with the receipt of the required deposit.
Available Facilities:
Seats 100
Fellowship Hall/Kitchen
Standing: Approximately 50 adults
The Wedding
The fact that you wish to be married in Taylor UM Church indicates your desire for a Christian service. Because you, the prospective bride and groom, are coming together to ask God’s blessing upon your life together as husband and wife, every aspect of this service should be characterized with not only dignity, reverence, and joy, but also by the awareness of the presence of Christ in your lives.
Because Taylor is a United Methodist Church, the order of the service shall follow the approved ritual of the United Methodist Church. The Service of Christian Marriage can be found on page 864 of the United Methodist Hymnal. It is acceptable for it to be combined with or adapted to other Christian orders of worship. Those who are a part of your wedding are not simply spectators or witnesses. They are participants and worshipers. This includes those who are in the wedding party, as well as your families and guests who come before the altar of the church to celebrate this experience with you.
A celebration of Communion is an optional part of the service and can be arranged through the pastor or church representative.

The minister of Taylor United Methodist Church will gladly officiate at your wedding. It is also acceptable for another minister of your choice to officiate. As soon as the wedding date is confirmed on the church calendar and with the officiating minister, the bride and groom are asked to contact the officiating minister for a conference prior to the wedding. The purpose of the conference is to schedule pre-marital counseling as well as to plan for the wedding service. If a minister other than the minister at Taylor UM Church is officiating, please schedule a conference with the minister at Taylor UM Church. At this time, the Taylor UM Church minister or the church representative will insure that the couple is familiar with the Taylor Wedding Handbook. In addition, please submit the name and address of the officiating minister if other than the Taylor UM Church minister.
The following amounts, effective July 1, 2009, are charged for use of the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  Couples who contacted Taylor UMC prior to July 1, 2009, are eligible for the fee schedule in existence at the time of their initial contact. To qualify for a waiver of fees for use of the building, the bride, groom or their parents must be members of Taylor UM Church.
Final payments must be made two weeks PRIOR to the rehearsal date. Checks for the total amount should be made payable to Taylor United Methodist Church.
Time of Wedding
Fee for Member
Fee for Non-Member
Date Due
(through 6:00 p.m.)
- $0 -
Four weeks prior to the rehearsal date
- $0 -
Two weeks prior to the rehearsal date
- $0 -
Evening (8:00 p.m.)
- $0 -
Four weeks prior to the rehearsal date
- $0 -
Two weeks prior to the rehearsal date
- $0 -
- $0 -
$150 deposit
Two weeks prior to the rehearsal date

Taylor United Methodist Church has a beautiful and historic sanctuary. The chancel is designed for all worship services and, as a wedding is a worship service, elaborate decorations are unnecessary.
The following regulations are thus given to preserve the proper atmosphere of the church and to safeguard the furnishings.
  • No pew or regular furniture, excluding the pulpit chairs, may be moved. Under no circumstances may the pulpit, communion table, Bible, cross or candles be moved from their present location in the sanctuary.
  • Within the chancel proper, there should be no decorations except alter candles or pillar candles. Because of the historic nature of our church and for reasons of safety, candelabra MAY NOT BE USED.
  • No decorations may be used on the communion table.
  • Absolutely nothing shall be attached to the chancel rail. No nails, tacks, wire, gummed or scotch tape, thorny vines or evergreens may be attached to the chancel rail, walls, woodwork, pews, furniture, windows, or doors of the facilities.
  • The sound system may not be disconnected.
  • All decorating, whether in the sanctuary or elsewhere, must be done under the supervision of and with the approval of a representative of Taylor UM Church.
  • The florist/decorator must contact the church representative concerning the time desired for decoration. The bride must also inform the florist/decorator of rules for decorations.
  • All decorations must be removed from the sanctuary immediately after the wedding. For an 8:00 p.m. wedding, the deadline for removal of decorations and completion of clean-up is 10:00 p.m.
  • Arrangements must be made with the church representative for the church to be opened for the rehearsal and the ceremony.
  • If the couple desires to leave the alter flowers for the following day’s worship service, we ask that the pastor or church representative be notified well in advance so that proper recognition may be given in the church bulletin
Music, as used in the service of the church, is an expression of worship. Because a wedding is considered to be a public act of worship, sacred music selected for this service shall be that which is considered appropriate to the traditions of this parish and the United Methodist Church. Secular love songs, ballads, etc., are not appropriate for the ceremony nor is music in the gospel, contemporary, or folk rock tradition.
All music selected is subject to the approval of the church representative in consultation with the pastor. Placement of vocal music in the ceremony will depend upon the number of selections and their text. Recorded music also may be used with approval. All music selections must be submitted to the church representative for review no later than 3 weeks prior to the wedding. Congregational singing is appropriate at a wedding, enabling the assembled worshipers to participate more fully in the service.
No flash photographs may be taken inside the church during the ceremony. If desired, a photograph of the bride and her father may be taken in the door of the church as they arrive and a photograph of the bride and groom as they leave the church following the ceremony. Out of respect for the religious ceremony taking
place, photographers should refrain from distracting movement and noise during the ceremony. Before and after the ceremony, the bridal party may make as many pictures as they wish. It is important that the bride and groom tell their friends that no picture taking is allowed in the sanctuary. The church representative reserves the right to restrict any photographer who does not abide by the church’s policy. The bride must arrange for the photographer to contact the church representative to discuss these rules.
The Marriage License
The marriage license must be secured at the County Court House in the office of the Chancery Clerk. It should be brought to the church at the rehearsal and given to the presiding minister. No wedding will be performed without a license. On the date of the wedding, the presiding minister will sign the license.

Church Representative
A church representative will ensure that the church is open, lights are on, heating or air conditioning is on, and all is ready before the rehearsal and the wedding. The bride should contact the church representative to designate a time for the church          to be opened for each event. The church representative will remain in the Church/Fellowship Hall and will be available as needed. As mentioned in the section on fees (see “Evening” section of fee table, page 3), the $150 deposit will be forfeited if the inspection of the facilities reveals unsatisfactory conditions or the church key is not returned upon the conclusion of the event and clean-up. The church representative will perform the inspection and receive the key. 
Other Regulations and Conditions
  • Alcohol is not allowed on church property.
  • Please remember that wedding are religious ceremonies. Under no circumstances may members of the wedding party come to the rehearsal or the wedding under the influence of alcohol. The minister has complete authority to cancel a wedding at the last minute for any deviation from this rule.
  • No rice may be thrown in the church or on the grounds.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the church building or on church grounds.
  • No tents are allowed on the church grounds.   
  • The parties concerned should see that all articles of clothing and items of personal property are removed immediately after the ceremony.
  • Taylor UM Church cannot assume responsibility for any items of personal property prior to, during, or following the ceremony.
Bride’s Checklist:
_____ I have read the Taylor UM Church Wedding Handbook from cover to cover.
_____ I have checked to see that the florist understands how to arrange for delivering flowers to the church on the day of the wedding.
_____ I have reminded the florist about the rules for decorating the church.
_____ I have checked to see that my photographer understands and accepts the rules and requirements of Taylor UM Church regarding the taking of pictures.
_____ I have notified all wedding participants that rehearsal begins promptly at the appointed hour and have requested their compliance.
_____ I will advise my wedding party and guests that no personal photographs are allowed during the ceremony.
_____ I have contacted the pastor and church representative in preparation for the rehearsal and wedding.
_____ I have reminded the wedding party that no rice shall be thrown.
_____ I have reminded the clean-up crew to reconnect the sound system if disconnected.
_____ I have reminded the caterer that no tents are allowed on the church grounds.

Attachment 1
                                 Taylor United Methodist Church
                                      Request for Use of Facilities
Today’s Date_____________________________________________________________
Name of Group___________________________________________________________
Printed Name/Names of Person/Persons Responsible
Signatures of Person/Persons Responsible
I/We agree to follow all building use policies and pay all fees according to the schedule prior to the event.
Day Time Phone Number: Home__________________Work______________________
Cell Phone Number_________________________________
Email Address_____________________________________
Dates requested for use of facilities___________________________________________
Facilities Requested: Sanctuary_____Classroom_____Fellowship Hall/Kitchen________
Collection of fees or dues during activity: Yes_____No_____
If yes, explain:____________________________________________________________
Key to facility needed? Yes_____No_____Dates keys needed______________________
I understand that additional fees may be incurred when requesting a key.
_________ (Please initial here)
I understand that keys must be turned in immediately after conclusion of event -- no later than 10:00 p.m.__________(Please initial here)
I understand that a member of Taylor United Methodist Church will be present during the event._____________ (Please initial here)
I understand that the building must be cleaned and garbage and trash bagged and removed no later than 10:00 p.m. on the day of the event._______ (Please initial here)
For Church Administrative Board Use only
Required fees_________________________________________________
Please copy and send the completed form (Attachment 1), as well as any questions, to

[1] Deposit will be forfeited in the event of an unsatisfactory inspection of the facilities or a failure to complete clean-up and return the church key by 10:00 p.m.

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