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Sunday, August 18, 2019
Taylor, Mississippi

Building Use Policy

Building Use Policy
The Taylor United Methodist Church possesses a beautiful and historic sanctuary. Our church is a witness to the community and reflects our mission to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known.
The Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and supervision of all church property and will make every effort to preserve the present form and structure of the building. Therefore, the following policies are adopted by the Administrative Board.
Facility Use:
The Taylor United Methodist Church encourages use of its building for religious purposes. Classes, groups, committees and persons from our membership shall be given priority in requests for use of the building with no costs other than clean-up of the facility.
All non-member groups will fill out a “Request for Use of Facilities” form to be approved by the Administrative Board. Requests must be made six weeks before the event for purposes of approval and placement on the church calendar. A signed copy of the request will be kept on file in the church office. The following fees apply to non-member groups:
Total fee for building use (with the exception of weddings) - $150
Four weeks prior to use of building - $50 non-refundable deposit
Two weeks prior to use of building - $100 balance due
Two weeks prior to use of building for 8:00 p.m. wedding with inspection of church and return of key to supervising church member – $150 refundable deposit
Please note that in the event of damage to the church facilities, the person/persons signing the “Request for Use of Facilities” form shall accept the amount of repair and replacement costs as estimated, or otherwise determined, by the church Board of Trustees or their designee and shall pay the church for such repair and replacement costs upon demand.
A member of Taylor United Methodist Church will be present during all non –member events.
Alcoholic beverages, gambling, illicit drugs, and profanity are not permitted in the building or on church property.
No tents may be erected in the yard of the church.
The deadline for building clean up after an activity is 10:00 p.m. on the day of the event. All church furniture and property must be returned to its designated place. Garbage and trash must be bagged and removed from the premises.
Permission to use the facilities will be given only to those persons or groups whose programs and practices are in keeping with the customs, practices and purposes of Taylor United Methodist Church. The Administrative Board will decide if the group meets these guidelines.
In the event that a group does not comply with the rules stated herein, that group may not be granted future use of the facility.
If possible, groups should access the Building Use Policy at the church Web site (www.taylorumc.net). Copies will be provided upon request.
The Sanctuary:
The Sanctuary of the church is a holy place, consecrated to the worship of Almighty God. The Sanctuary must be respected at all times and for all uses, and must conform to the rules as stated in the Discipline of the United Methodist Church.
No smoking or food is allowed in the Sanctuary. Drinks are not allowed in the Sanctuary, except for Sacramental Elements. None of the Sanctuary furnishings, to include the alter, the piano, and the organ may be moved, covered, or altered in any way from its intended purposes without permission from the Pastor.
The alter table is never to be used as an ordinary table. Nothing may be placed upon it except traditional paraments and floral arrangements. The cross and candlesticks may not be removed.
Use of the Sanctuary for weddings, funerals, or other special services must be arranged through the Pastor.
A Wedding Handbook is available in the church office and on the church website (www.taylorumc.net).
The Fellowship Hall/Kitchen:
Requests for use must be made when requesting use of the facility. All groups should replace any supplies used. Set up and clean up are the responsibility of the group using the room.
The Nursery:
The nursery is designated for children under the age of five. Safe Sanctuaries Policy and Guidelines, available from the church office, apply to all activities involving children. A minimum of two adults must supervise at all times. All groups should replace any supplies used. Set up and clean up are the responsibility of the group using the room.
Audio-Visual Equipment:
Church audio-visual equipment may be used only by individuals authorized by the Pastor. Extra fees may be incurred when use is requested.
Building Keys:
Groups requesting a key to the facility must make arrangements with the church Pastor. The key must be returned to the supervising church member upon completion of the clean up. Extra fees may be incurred.
For-Profit Events:
Church facilities may not be used by “For Profit” events or groups. This could jeopardize the “non-profit” tax status of the church. Single events and/or reoccurring meetings which result in the collection of fees or dues shall be approved by the Administrative Board and documented in the “Request for Use of Facilities” agreement.
Complete the “Request for Use of Facilities” agreement and submit to Pastor six weeks prior to the event. The Administrative Board will review the request for approval or disapproval. If approved, all applicable fees must be paid according to the schedule in Facility Use Section. Non-payment of fees according to the schedule will result in approval being withdrawn. A group’s activities must be confined to that group’s scheduled room/rooms.
Additional Information:
This Building Use Policy document is available on the church website (www.taylorumc.net). A Wedding Handbook is available in the church office and also on the church website. Rooms available include the Sanctuary, Classroom, Fellowship Hall/Kitchen and Nursery.

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